belle isle snow

we had just enough snow to go skiing for the first time this week. while i’m pretty darn dedicated to getting to work via either bike or the bus, the reality is i do own a car.  ma uses it most of the time, and driving doesn’t make me a happy boy.  on days when it does snow and ma doesn’t need the car, it’s just about the only time i drive to work.  i load up the skis and go skiing before work, or even after work, but i prefer first thing in the morning.

the nature walk covered in snow

this morning i was the first one out on the trail, so i had to do the hard part of cutting a trail.  i feel sorry for who ever has to come after me, dealing with my crooked tracks.  the snow was very wet and had stuck all over the trees, and we would get wind gusts which would knock off the snow sending it flying down to the ground in big chunks.  this picture was taken from just about the same place as i took a previous picture in the fall, which you can see here.  even though cutting the trail myself is much more work i also really enjoy it.  i get to pretend that i’m the only one out on the island, that i have the wood all too myself, and it’s quiet.

i also checked out the pin oak to see how it was doing.  doesn’t seem like it’s doing that well as it has toppled over.  i almost couldn’t find it at first.

toppled pin oak in the snow

toppled pin oak in the snow

with closer inspection i don’t even think that this is constucted from oak, but of ash wood.  skiing was more difficult than expected as many ash trees were down and across the path.  a few were small enough to just ski over, but most required you to stop and step over them, really slowing you down.  i’ve been having more and more dreams of buying a chainsaw, and situations like this really act as fuel for the fire.


4 responses to “belle isle snow

  1. Patrick,
    What beautiful pictures! Your musings are enchanting and procide food for thought.
    Wunderbar as also!

  2. hmmm… I love the image of you skiing around belle isle with a chain saw while the sun rises over Detroit. thanks for that.

  3. Your pin oak is from Access Arts’ fall exhibition in case you’re curious.
    I stumbled across it in the woods on Saturday – took pictures of it with ski tracks (probably yours?) and will be posting them tomorrow. The ski tracks make a great trail to follow.

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