the farm plan

so i said the other day i’ve been swamped at work, i’m sure you don’t care.  it’s always a question of if it’s worth being off work or not, to return to the amount of work you have to do.  but the reality is that i really can’t complain about my work, i love almost every minute of it and i’m super lucky, but i also enjoy being off work.

early this week i returned to work and ma didn’t.  i met her at the ymca after work, knowing that now that it’s winter and i’m taking the bus on cold, wet, snowy days i don’t get much exercise, which means i get unhappy.  on the way home she said that nothing had been prepped for dinner.  i was tired at this point and i was hungry, and the knowledge that nothing was prepped meant that it would be that much longer before i would eat.  since i was hungry, i was a little frustrated by this, when i knew i should not be.   we decided we could whip up some leftovers with some potatoes and beans and turn them into tacos in a jiffy.  getting home i saw a pile of dirty dishes in the workspace that i needed to get some food together.

i had gone into work at 7pm and didn’t leave until 6pm and ma had been home all day.  she couldn’t even do the damn dishes or start some food.  i was annoyed, with her at first, and then at myself for having those sort of expectations, especially when i hadn’t communicated to her that i needed that.  but what the hell had she been doing with herself all day?

i managed to shove dishes out of the way, throw food together as fast as i could and slump down in a chair where i stuffed a taco in my mouth trying to get my hanger to subside.  after i had consumed the first taco she showed me what she had spent her time doing.  it was this.  i couldn’t belive what an ass i had been.  getting all annoyed at ma when all day she had spent drawing this most amazing picture of what our beautiful future would look like, complete with animals i had named puddles and sir quacks a lot (he is wearing spats).  even though i didn’t come up with this name i think my favorite is giblet brain.  that has to be one stupid turkey to be named giblet brain.


2 responses to “the farm plan

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  2. I see why it was your favorite. In more ways than one.

    michael j
    Conshohocken, PA USA

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