lettuce box

just a quick idea from my mother, not from ma.

my mother suffers from two annoying issues.

1. she has mostly shade in her yard

2. she has serious rabbit issues.

but being the creative type she came up with this solution.

lettuce box

the solution is this simple lettuce box up on saw horses.  the box is about 5 feet long 3 feet wide and about 2 inches deep.  it’s covered in 1/2 inch hardware cloth on the bottom for strength and then screen over that to keep the soil in.  she only does salad mix in it, so it doesn’t matter that the roots don’t have much room to grow.  plenty of compost is used in the mix so it will have fertility, and perlite so it doesn’t pack down too much.

she can put this in a sunny spot, in this case in front of the garage, and if it needs to be moved, no problem you just pick it up and move it.  she said it only needed to be watered every 3 days or so and only took a couple of minutes.  and it’s too high for the rabbit to get to it.  genius!


One response to “lettuce box

  1. I love the idea. It would also be a great idea for older people with back problems!

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