the upper ferry

more dispatches from the homeland  – and specifically the oddities of the westside

no one from the eastern shore seems to think much of the ferry system we have, there are several small ferries that cross various rivers throughout the area, 2 happen to be in wicomico county where i’m from and the upper ferry is the one i would often take to get to friends houses and cut out time in a trip.

in most places they would have long since added a bridge, but that does have the disadvantage of costing money, putting the ferry operater out of a job, and getting in the way of barge traffic.  as they say – if it an’t broke, why fix it.  while in college i would often take friends from out of town to see this little quaint slice of country living.  they always seemed shocked, and i took great delight in this shock.  i felt part of my role in being from the area was to act as a tour guide to the local scene.

the upper ferry seen from the shore

from this view you can see the ferry approaching with a mini van on it, and the operator booth on the left.  this is the upper ferry which is the smaller of the 2 ferries, it fits 2 cars, and only takes about 5 minutes to cross.  the other ferry over the wicomico is at whitehaven which is big enough for 3 and takes more like 10 minutes.

the view looking over the side of the ferry

a view looking over the side of the ferry

view looking out the front of the ferry

and a view looking out the front.  i always hoped to get the front position so i could pretend my car was amphibious.  i used to use the ferry as a short cut to ride my bike to friends’s houses that were on the westside.  i love the ferry


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