the westside

more of the back story, this is part 2.

the area of wicomico county to the west of route 50, north of the wicomico river, and south of the nanticoke river is generally refered to as “the westside”.  for the last couple years before leaving the eastern shore this is where ma and i made our home.  full of tiny fishing and farming communities, it is about as far away from the pace and lifestyle of detroit as you could get.  even though it is in same county it is also pretty different from the small town i grew up in, it was an adjustment for me to move there.

jay’s farm is located in bivalve, named after the product its fortune was built upon.  no one ever seems to belive me that it is the actual name of the place, and so, I took this photo of the village’s sign.

the sign for the village of bivalve coming into town

in addition to working in bivalve on jay’s farm i also used to live in a camper back behind his barn for about a year.  ma lived in a neighboring village of tyaskin.

downtown tyaskin

tyaskin, like bivalve is little more than a collection of houses, it does however have what it is able to hold over the other head of all the other towns on the westside: a bar.  i think i went there twice, as we had no money.

i particularly love the purple house with its huge sleeper porch, and of course the fact that it is located next to a bright pink house doesn’t hurt.  the small pink building is the old post office, the new post office is now just across the street.  tyaskin’s total population can’t exceed 100.

the house we used to live in

above is the house ma and i used to live in.  i should stop right now and point out that this is what the house looks like right now, this is not what is looked like over 7 years ago when we lived in it.  since then it’s been raised up about 4 feet, had a foundation laid under it, all the windows replaced, new porch, roof replaced, and a paint job, and that’s just the outside, i can’t imagine what they have done to the inside.  it pretty much doesn’t look anything like the house we lived in.  it was a cool house, but it was completely run down, when we lived there.

how much you want to know about the history of ma and i, i don’t know, but seems i’m gonna give you at least a little.  ma and i both went to the same school, both studied art, both had the same glass blowing professor.  but we were separated by a few years, and never met, likely for the best, we both needed to work things out.  our old professor used to live in the house you see above. i had spent plenty of evenings out at bonfires there hanging out.

after i moved into the trailer behind jay’s barn i spent some time just hanging out with myself.  i was coming out of a long relationship and felt it good to focus on myself,  that combined with the fact that i was exhausted from 12 hour farm days, ment i wasn’t going to go out and look for company.

when i did come out of my self imposed hiatus i went to visit my old professor.  he wasn’t there, he had moved out, but ma was, and we hit it off.  i want to thank my former professor for moving out, i might never have met ma otherwise.

things move fast, and before you know it i had moved out of the camper and into ma’s house in tyaskin.  she needed someone else to pay rent and i needed someplace with heat – as that in the camper wasn’t working.  and i was also spending every waking hour of the day that i could with ma so it only made sense that we live together.  i don’t want to make it seem like this was just a decision of economics, as it was all about the love.

life in tyaskin was good, we were only a few blocks from the naticoke river, taking nightly walks to look at the water. it was quiet and pretty simple.

the view from off the dock in tyaskin

i’ve often thought the eastern shore of maryland should be called the land where the sky becomes the water, the sight off the coast often looking more like a gehrald richter painting than a real waterscape.  i loved living in tyaskin in many ways, but both ma and i needed a change, and certainly detroit was a change.


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