snow on the eastern shore

ma and i are both from the eastern shore of maryland, she from centreville and i from salisbury, though her parents now reside closer to greensboro.  detroit is now home, but the eastern shore will always be our homeland.  maryland never gets as much snow as michigan, but when it does get a good snow it gets dumped on.  this trip home, 16 inches at ma’s parents house.  still we wanted to get out of the house, and we felt like a walk in the snow would be fun, so we headed for the adkins arboretum at tuckahoe state park.  we had ventured there before, seeing an impressive crop of skunk cabbage, a particularly interesting plant to me for its ablity to generate heat and create massive root systems,  and thought it would be a good place to go back to.

ma up to her knees in snow

turned out hiking though 16 inch snow is hard, hard work, and about a mile and some change took us almost and hour, and left us plenty tired.

stream flowing though snow

we traveled across bridges, and streams, and it was all quiet and lovely and i was stripped down to a sweat shirt by the time we got back to the end of the trail.  the forests of the eastern shore are beautiful, with lovely tulip poplars, paw paws and river birch being some highlights for me.

silks with writing on them in the woods

as part of an art exhibit giant silk streamers flowed though the forest with chinese calligraphy on then, i didn’t have a chance to read what the translation was.  at the arboretum book store i was able to pick up a book about american chestnuts that i’d never seen.  very exciting.


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