winter chickens

i’ve been trying to get out of town, ma and i leave tomorrow for about a week and a half for a visit to the eastern shore of maryland, our homeland.  which has made getting any entries up difficult, but i’m mostly caught up at work now, just a few tasks to do this afternoon.  tasks to do around the house and packing to do on the other hand are have a lot left to do.  but for now, i’m drinking some tea, enjoying the first coating of snow of the year, and doing a little writing, and debating if i want to brave the snow and go to yoga or not.

the cold weather makes chicken chores a little bit more work, for one the water in the hose that i usually fill their waterer with is now frozen, which means carrying jugs of water each morning with me across the road and though the vacant lot, to the chicken coop we go.  it also means that on especially cold nights that they need to be closed up in their coop to protect them and keep them warm.  this means that you need to make sure you get up and open their coop in time for them not to get super pissed.  but i’m pretty certain that they are ready to get out of there coop as soon as glimmer of sunlight shows up, and while i’m up plenty early, without my cup of coffee no chicken is getting out.  by the time i get to them they seem pretty annoyed.

chickens under glass

when i arrive, they all gather at the window, and go crazy trying to get though the window.  they don’t really seem to understand the concept of windows.  compounded with this is the fact that i have food in my hands greater affecting there will power to get though the window.

running down the ramp

as soon as the ramp is let down so that they can get out, they all come rushing out in a frenzy.  much happier chickens.  the lilies in particular are especially eager to get out, and they make a load of racket.  i find myself getting more and more attached to them.

on this particular day i had brought over the left over grain from making rejuvelac and some goat milk that had curdled and basically turned to cheese.  mind you it’s cheese that formed naturally from a few weeks too many in the fridge, not anything i’m going to try, well likely i would try it, but it requires more nerve than i’ve worked up.

chickens eating curd

the chickens love the curd, and they get it all over their faces and combs. they don’t like having it on their faces so they end up rubbing their beaks on the ground to try to wipe it off.  but they can’t resist eating more cuddled milk, and so the process happens over and over again.  eat some curd, rub the head, eat some curd, rub the head.


One response to “winter chickens

  1. Hey! I’ve just started my own blog and one of my recent entries has been about getting our first chickens! I wont have any problems with the hose in winter becuase it doesnt get cold enough here to freeze over… Well done to you for going to the effort of carrying the jugs on those cold winter mornings!

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