bounty of the vacant lot – chicory


its been a little while since i did one of these posts, this edition features a lousy picture of chicory.  i don’t know what’s up with the camera and it’s lousy picture taking ways.

chicory is one of the flowers i look forward to most, the fields of light blue greeting me on my morning rides.  chicory is also know as blue sailors, a very poetic name.  early in the spring its leaves offer a bitter green perfect for an early salad before any of the cultivated greens get going.  by the time we get any warm weather the chicory is much too bitter for most to enjoy.  cultivated varieties of leaf chicory come in a wide variety of forms including belguim endive and radicchio.  the root is famous for its use as a coffee substitute.  it’s roasted and ground and then used to stretch coffee or replace it all together.  chicory has long been used as a general tonic, reported to have many health benefits, and good for dealing with internal parasites.  chicory has nice long roots, that go deep into soils breaking them up gathering nutrients not readily available.


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