plastic on the quick hoops

with the weather turning cooler and snowy, it’s time to pull the plastic over the quick hoops. we have some left over greenhouse plastic from replacing the cover on the greenhouse, and figured that should work at least to protect everyone. it might not have as high a level of light transmittance as if we had used new plastic, but i think it should work fine. like the row cover, we used a 10 foot wide section of plastic, enough to cover the quick hoops and some excess to weigh down the edges.

first step was to get plastic over the hoops and then secure the ends

plastic tied to stake

using a stake driven into the ground we pulled the plastic tight end to end, and then tied it to the stake

the quick hoops finished with plastic over top

then we added bricks and rocks to the edge to hold it down. this spot is right on a corner and a bit windy, so it seems as though we need to secure it especially well. it’s already blown off once. it may not be the wind, as i have a couple guys in the neighborhood who like to mess with my projects. i don’t think they have ill intent, it’s just that they are suffering from mental illness which sometimes has them doing things which don’t make a lot of sense to me. i’d hoped that this lot could be without a fence, but after having someone drive though the broccoli patch and lots of theft of cabbage, i’m thinking it’s unavoidable.


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