late fall harvest

n spite of it being the first week of december we continue to harvest a good amount produce straight out of the fields. Including carrots, beets, cilantro, parsley, scallions, lettuce, spinach, and broccoli.



we have had a mild fall which certainly helps to extend the season, but we also have everything covered with floating row cover, and had well-timed late sowings of crops that do well in the fall.

salad mix with lettuce and spinach

scallions aka green onions

this is the first time i’ve grown cilantro this late in the year, and it’s been the big surprise. i’ve learned a few things about cilantro over the years though trial and error, that it doesn’t transplant well, that it bolts quickly in hot weather, and now i can add that it does well in cool weather. i’ve even managed to get a couple of cuttings off of it and have it regrow which never happens in the summer months. everyone wants cilantro at the same time as tomatoes, which is too bad, cause it’s much easier to grow in the fall when tomatoes don’t do well.

the weather is turning fouler and i we have cut all the lettuce pretty hard. at this point i don’t think that we will have but another couple of weeks before we only have things out of the quick hoops and high tunnel to harvest. which is just as well since i plans to be away from the farm for a couple of weeks, so i won’t be able to harvest anything anyway.


One response to “late fall harvest

  1. I’m so jealous of your continuing harvest! We had to pull up our gardens by 11/1/09. Maybe next year I’ll advocate for a longer grown time, especially with your results to present!

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