bounty of the vacant lot – evening primrose

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evening primrose

this photo is a little less in focus than i’d like.  perhaps if i find something better i’ll replace it.  how we doing with this whole vacant lot bounty concept? am i losing ya?

ok, so this is evening primrose.  so named because it opens in the evening.  because of that it means it’s mostly visited by moths, and it’s foliage is the host for a couple of moth species.  it’s a rather tall plant, with bright yellow flowers.  some folks even plant it in their gardens. it has an edible tap-root, and like the queen anne’s lace is a biennial, meaning that the tap-root is edible in the first year.  it is not very commonly used as so, i’ve tried it and can’t say i’m super fond of the taste.  though maybe just the wrong recipe.  the young leaves are also edible

evening primrose is perhaps best know for its medicial qualities.  the oil from the seed is high in gla’s; gamma-linolenic acid oil which  is supposed to be good as an anti inflammatory, as well as good for overall woman’s health.  more traditionally infusions were used for a variety of illness, for cough, gasto-intestinal problems, and acting as a sedative.

evening primrose is native to north america, which means that it doesn’t get that nasty label of invasive species!


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  2. i don’t know about this bloglovin but i did set it up so you can subscribe to the blog now. look in upper right hand corner.

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