detroit: green

this young lady sara came to my work this summer to make a film for her thesis project.  it was kind of strange cause she sort of asked if she could come and then just showed up, i’m not sure we even said ok.  but she proved to be a resilient one, not really troubling anybody too much.  She had this giant suitcase thing that she had all her supplies in and would walk around the neighborhood with it, looking a little awkward and a bit like a lost tourist, not sure where to go.  and maybe she didn’t know where to go, and where ever she ended up was right.  i’m glad if she got lost.

the one thing i really like about her film is she didn’t just focus on what staff is doing, but the community we work in/with.  there are so many amazing voices, especially george who i’m really glad got included.  george often takes me aside and tells me just how lucky i am because i love my job, and i get to connect with the soil.  somehow george seems to know when i’m becoming frustrated at work, because this is when he tells me.  the kids are amazing and super cute, and i love watching them eat and smear corn all over there faces while there voices are edited overtop.  i think the most surprising thing is how much i was used in the film.  ms. sara filmed all this stuff for a couple of weeks and i was not really involved, and then on the last day she asked if i would sit down with her and talk.  i didn’t expect she would use me that much.  film link is below, it’s about 16 minutes long, and i’m under the impression that it’s a work in progress.  check it out.

detroit:green from Sara Cross on Vimeo.


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