why i love the d

it’s this



paul's tractor

well it’s not just that, it’s the whole block of houses open and warm and full of food.  it’s the kids running and screaming and playing basket ball.  it’s the 2 bonfires going on either side of the street.  it’s the live music that i was too tired to stay around for but know would have been great.  it’s the eclectic mix of people it brings.  but most of all it’s the  hay ride.

where else but here would some mad man be permitted to lug armies of kids and adults around in a janky old wagon full of hay.  ma and i plus plenty of friends got on the last ride of the night, paul had to kick off plenty of kids to give us a ride, and i felt kind of bad.  “aw these kids?  they been on this ride like 20 times tonight – get ’em off”  paul said while ordering the out.

we climbed in, and headed down the street, though back yards, down alleys around the community orchard where pumpkins had been spread for the kids to hunt for, all the while folks were singing froggy went a courting and other kids songs.  then down another alley and into the street.  and this is where the crescendo of the ride is, turning the corner paul floors the gas and swerves back and forth all the way down the street at top speed.  it gives the impression that the trailer could flip at any moment, or that we could hit any of the cars parked on either side of the street, or that somebody could go flying out ( i don’t think these are just impressions, but reality, which certainly adds to the thrill and absurdity).  the swerving sends several people to the floor of the wagon, i can’t tell out of a desire for greater security or from the actual force of trailer moving back and forth.  and as soon as the real fun begins, we are pulling back into the driveway and let out.  to rejoin the party, and the warmth of this fall evening.




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