cold season harvest




despite it being mighty cool these days and light at a premium, we still have been taking a nice harvest each week out of our garden at work.  many of the crops are just now really getting to their prime.  after some nice frosts many of the fall crops start converting the starches in them into sugars.  this sugar acts something like an antifreeze keeping it from freezing so much during the cool weather.  many of peoples favorite crops i won’t even bother touching till we have had some nice cold weather.  among the crops i like best after some nice frost – collards, kale, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and spinach.  the farm i used to work on we grew lots of collards and kale, these were less for sales in town than to locals in the village.  we wouldn’t have a single customer before a frost, first day after a frost in the evening the folks would start rolling down the drive.  the farmer aka the irishman would tell me to greet them, and just walk off to the field and start picking.  i thought he was crazy not to ask these folks what they wanted, but he knew, he had seen it year after year.



stacks of lettuce mix, scallions and herbs



still picking well are, scallions, lettuce mix, carrots, broccoli, spinach, parsley and cilantro.  we should keep picking them for another couple of weeks, and then out of the high tunnel for another few weeks.  in the meantime we are having some good fall eating.



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