lafayette building demo

my daily bike commute takes me though the heart of the filming of the remake of red dawn.  i’ve not seen the original, but i remain confused as to why film makers can’t find new plots.  there are plenty of untold stories just waiting to be filmed.  this film set cuts right though a huge part of my commute, and i don’t like that.

because of tax breaks filming has gotten pretty popular here in the city, and i can’t say i’m  a fan.  mostly they just cause me inconvenience and in the process they steal the images of the city pretending them to be other cities never giving much credit  to where they truly are. since they inconvenience me, i’m pretty intent on inconveniencing them, and so on a daily basis i ride though the set causing lots of yelling of “get him off the set” and “who let that cyclist on the set” .

there are plenty of people very interested in the red dawn set, those who come to watch what appear to be a very boring process daily, but there is a much more interesting drama ensuing close by: the demoing of  lafayette building.

while the lafayette is hardly the most exciting building in the motor city, and I have no attachment to the physical structure, it’s the fact that the building ranks among the best examples of detroit building gone wild, with trees growing out of the top and plenty of graffiti.  the particular form of graffiti seems indigenous to detroit, the interior window graffiti which reminds me so much of the baltimore screen paintings i enjoyed as a child.

since the entire lafayette building is vacant, the whole thing is available to artists to paint each window.  this type of paint may have had its hight with the images at the united artist building, which has since been cleaned.  it’s funny to see how the images are affected by folks deciding to open the window.

window on the lafayette

window on the lafayette

in addition to the graffiti, there is also the lovely crop of trees growing.

roof top garden

roof top garden

you can see at the bottom of the picture that demoing has begun.  but it seems to have come to a halt, not because some preservationists are trying to save it, but because of the red dawn filming.  the big question is did they just stop demoing so they didn’t get in the way of the movie, or will its destruction be part of the movie drama, and they are just waiting to film the scene where it get’s blown up.  if so, i’d have to give them credit for utilizing the demoing of the building for more than making more vacant land.

no matter what lafayette building’s days are numbered, so i’m enjoying while i can, i leave you with one last parting shot, this one showing more graffiti, as well as the roof top gardens.


3 responses to “lafayette building demo

  1. Here’s the most importnat thing you need to know about Red Dawn: It’s allegory about how wonderful and courageous Osama Bin Laden is and how we should pressure our elected representatives to give Osame bin Laden some fucking money. I am not interpreting or anything…this is literally, truly, the reason the movie was made.
    The fact that they are remaking it now….is so amazing I can barely contain myself.

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