shallow grave for paw paws

this is the last paw paw posting for a while, at least till spring, though to be perfectly honest the amount of views i’ve gotten from folks searching for paw paws almost makes one tempted to keep coming up with random paw paw post to write, but i’ll not do that.

the paw paw seeds that i collected are now in a shallow grave to get the 90 days of cold treatment they need to break dormancy and sprout.  i’m not sure if I’ll dig them up in the spring, or just let them go in their shallow grave to sprout.  i’ll need to get some containers just for them, as the paw paw has a deep tap root.  all the containers i have are much too shallow.

paw paw seeds in the shallow grave

paw paw seeds in the shallow grave


2 responses to “shallow grave for paw paws

  1. You can never post too much about paw paws. I think I’ll bake them into some bread tomorrow. Have fun in the U.P. Maybe you’ll make it all the way up to the Keewanaw peninsula or even Isle Royal. That should cure burn out!

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