frozen paw paw custard

not really custard, as that means it has egg in it right?  or something like that.  with about 2 dozen paw paws frozen in the freezer and a plan to go out of town, i figure it was time to do something with them.  our neighbor was having a sukkot party, or gathering or something, i’m not sure what you would call it.  it’s a jewish harvest party type thing and so it seemed like a good time to share the paw paws.  i wanted to show case them in a simple but elegant way, and had read that frozen paw paw custard was especially scrumptious.  i felt like a simple method was to run them though the juicer .  here we have a visual document of the process.

the champion juicer

the champion juicer

1. you need a champion juicer with a blank in it.  ussually the way this thing works is the pulp comes out the end on the right side and the juice comes out the bottom but in this case we want it pulp and all.  the idea is mostly to mash the stuff up.  the blank is so the juice doesn’t come out the bottom. pulp, juice, and all come out the end on the right.

frozen paw paw

frozen paw paw

2. frozen fruit.  i’ve employed this method with lots of fruits, but if you are trying to get something like frozen custard or soft serve ice cream, it needs some thing creamy.  ussually we use bananas as the base and then add some other fruit like raspberries or strawberries.  in this case i figure the frozen paw paw is gonna be creamy and full of flavor so i don’t need to add anything to it.  i cut the frozen paw paw into chunks that would fit in the juicer.

frozen paw paw custard

frozen paw paw custard

3. run it though the juicer.  that’s really all there is to it.

i took it over to sukkot , and started jamming it in peoples mouths, no one really knew what to think of it.  but they all seemed to enjoy it.  once they found out it was paw paw they were all the more fascinated.  i’m amazed with the number of folks from michigan that have not had this fruit that grows in their own region.


One response to “frozen paw paw custard

  1. the next morning almost everyone but i got food poisoning that had been at sukkot. in addition to the paw paw custard i also brought over some spicy crabs i got at the korean market. i think gods wrath for bringing crabs to a jewish holiday was to give everyone food poisoning.

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