ma and i are going on vacation.   originally we had planned to take a trip out east to visit some friends and look at some urban ag. projects, but right now, i’m just feeling extremely burnt out, and the last thing i needed to do for a vacation was look at some work related projects or spend time in big cities.  it was decided that a trip to the upper peninsula was in order.  we’ve been in the motor city for over 6 years now, and never once taken a trip to see what’s considered by many to be the most beautiful part of michigan.  folks speak of trips to the u.p. with a certain level of reverence.  i think for the last 3 years we have said, this will be the year we make it to the u.p. failing each time.  well not anymore!  this WILL be the year we make it to the u.p.

ma and i are planners, while i think both of us work hard to be go with the flow, don’t worry too much about it, kind of people a certain part of us wants to know where our next meal will be and where we will lay our head that night.  in an attempt to cure ourselves of this, we planned the trip to be unplanned, only that we had from the 4th though the 14th off, and we would be headed for the u.p.

how quickly this broke down.  first a simple suggestion that we stop in bellaire on the way up.  sounds innocent enough, we both are a fan of short’ brewery, as well as smoked whitefish at the bellaire smokehouse.  this turned into spend a night in bellaire – which seemed a little bit like planning, but i’ll not make an issue out of it when stocking up on provisions of beer and fish are involved.

less than a week out i found myself pacing around the house.  we had a serious cold snap with a bunch of rain, and visions of spending my only serious time off work freezing my ass off and bailing out the tent danced in my head.  i found myself researching cabins in the u.p.  this looked a lot like planning to me.

then the next day at work ma sent me an email about a yurt in the porcupine mountains.  it didn’t really say that she wanted to stay there, it just said she had found it.  i’m no fool and i can read between the lines – so i replied you want to go ahead and reserve a yurt for a few nights?  and we did.  so much for lack of planning.

so we didn’t get the pure level of lack of planning that we wanted, but there are still days and nights totally unaccounted for.  who knows what we will do in between bellaire and the porcupine mountains (already talk has been made of camping at pictured rocks, and how nice marquette is supposed to be).  but hey you got to start somewhere.


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