chicken profiles

one of the reds (there are two, and they look just the same)

one of the reds (there are two, and they look just the same)

i’d planned on doing a feature on the chickens including names and profiles.  but the fact is i only know 1.5 of their names.  we sort of have joint custody of these chickens, but i don’t have the same level of love for them that there first owners feel for them.  i mean i like them, i feed them, eat their eggs, i like to chase them, and pick them up and all that other stuff you do with chickens.  but what i wanted to do was post a picture like this.


name: goldie

name: goldie

age: 2

breed: buff orpington

favorite foods: chicken feed and rotten goat milk

likes: quiet time

dislikes: the white chickens aka the lilies

but goldie is the only one i know the name of and catching the chickens putting a camera in front of their face and getting a good shot like this one was pretty hard, i did my best.  aside from goldie we also have; this barred rock which likely has a name, but i have no idea of what it is, and the reds featured at the top of the page.

a barred rock

a barred rock

all the chickens above are pretty tame and will come near you, they even do this weird thing where some times when you get near them they squat down.  apparently they want you to mount them, as though you were a rooster.  i’ve never taken them up on the offer. these were the first chickens obtained, the 4 others being added about 3 months ago.  these new chickens pretty much won’t let you near them, making taking there pictures more difficult to obtain.

the australorps

the australoprs

the australorps

these guys are not going to stand still long enough to take their picture – note the one running out of the frame.

the lilies

the lilies

when the lilies and the australorps were being picked up from a friend the neighbors daughter was quite upset the chickens were leaving, particularly one white one, which she had named lily.  how she could tell the difference i have no idea, call me insensitive, it wouldn’t be the first time someone has.  since then they have collectively been known as the lilies since they tend to hang out together at all times, same thing with the australorps they always stick together, though i have no idea of their names either.


4 responses to “chicken profiles

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  2. Well, having just discovered this blog, I feel obligated to clear some things up. The barred rock is known as Salty, b/c she was pretty salty as a young pullet. The two Reds are Gerdie (Gertrude- pictured above) and Phyllis, b/c they reminded me of a pair of old ladies. You know Lily 1 and Lily 2, and the Australorps were dubbed Cleo (bigger comb) and Squeaky Fromm (more raggedy) by their previous owner.
    We’re pretty sure future fowl will remain nameless to prevent us from getting too attached.
    Excellent pictures!

  3. thanks for clearing that up, i think the public will be pleased, as am i.

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