big house on the urban prairie decision

so ma and i reached a decision over if we wanted to be the proud owners of a burnt out shell of a house.  we managed to come to this decision with almost no discussion, a very strange new thing for both of us.  ussually almost any decision of this sort is wrought with controversy.

part of the problem i think is i’ve spent most of my adult life using consensus decision making, and anything that looks even vaguely like voting is viewed as being a sign of majority rules, big bully methods.  but i’ve come to realize that folks almost always feel the need with consensus decision making to talk and add points even if they really have nothing to say, they mistake discussion with decision making, and talking as being part of the process.  and that it tends to be a couple big bullies in a group that sway opinion anyway, that is unless everyone is working really hard to keep that from happening.  but you can make a decision with out huge discussion, especially if you just have two people – it’s really easy to reach a consensus.

so we asked ourselves do we want to own a burnt out shell of a house or not.  we both closed our eyes stuck out our thumbs in the roman inspired up or down.  and then we opened our eyes.  if there was any disagreement then we would talk further till we made a decision, but if we both agreed, then no need for more conversation, done, on to next topic.  and so when we opened our eyes, we had an agreement, we would not be the proud owners of a burnt out shell of  a house.


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