canning tomatoes

we have a big harvest dinner coming up at the little urban farm i work with, and i spent most of the morning acquiring huge amounts of produce for the event.  carrying 50 pounds bags of potatoes though the market etc. there has to be a better way, i know there is.  dan who runs eastern market even told me so, after about the 7th trip to the car loaded with produce.  at least i know it for next year.

in addition i also made some purchases for myself, including a bushel of tomatoes.

in the afternoon ma and i and a few friends got together for canning. over the course of three hours we put away almost 50 quarts of tomatoes.  a couple more sessions like that and we could have a hell of a lot of tomatoes packed away.  we have already had the dehydrator going full steam for the last 3 weeks or so drying out tomatoes, so maybe canning more tomatoes is unnecessary.

after canning, beer and pizza, and friends and conversation.  i was so tired and so relaxed and so happy.  i think that’s the way more of life is meant to be.


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