big house on the urban prairie update

had several friends walk though the big house yesterday.  they all agreed, its a serious mess, though if someone where giving it to us, it would be worth it.  the best guess is to get us inside is something like 25,000 dollars and it would just go up from there to make it our dream house.  so the real question is how much time and money do we want to spend, and if it’s worth it especially if roy doesn’t just want to get rid of it.  on some levels i still think it would be a great idea.  the house itself is really solid, i love the location and the neighbors.  i even like the idea of doing all that work on it, the level of pride i would have after finishing, having a focused project to work on.  i think it would be hard and exciting, but i still think it would be enjoyable.  i like that it’s on a double lot and our friend has the lots net to them, so a ton of land.

the real question is do we want to live with other people, because it’s simply too big for two people to live in by themselves.  it doesn’t make financial or ecological sense.  i for one am in favor of living with other folks, mostly from a pragmatic standpoint, of that it would be more money coming in to support the project, and 2 because i like having people around.  it’s good when you need to go out of town to have someone in the house, you can share resources etc.

as it stand now we live with someone in the flat above us, and they are really rad.  i would however prefer a less renter like arrangement, either a collective house (not of young anarcopunks that have never had to pay a bill in their lives), or simple another couple that we get along well with and we can open the door when we feel like entertaining.  but it’s hard to know how folks would work living in such and arrangement.

ma i don’t think wants to be a landlord, or live in a collective house.  i can’t say that i really blame her.  tplex burned her out pretty bad, she spent a lot more time around the place, i was always off at work, and just happy to come home to a house full of excitement.

so i think we still need to talk a little bit more, but it’s looking more and more like this is not the house for us.

last night i dreamed in bed of all kinds of crazy ideas, removing the second floor so it’s only a single story, demoing the whole thing and building a new small house, building a small house in the back lot and renting out the big house, demoing it and putting up a yurt, leaving only the basement to function as a root cellar, making a pit greenhouse with the basement as the base.  as a result i’m tired today


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