orchard update

i’m on my way out the door to mow the orchard with the aforementioned scythe as soon as i finish this post, which got me thinking about an updaten o the perennial orchard aka permaculture plot and how it’s doing.

heres an image from the first of april

april 2009

april 2009

at this point really all that’s been done is to remove and replant trees that had been in that location before, and plant them throughout the neighborhood, try to level the ground as best we could, and get the perennial weeds under control.   Getting the weeds under control required many, many passes of the rototiller, not something i’m proud of, but without access to pigs, what are you going to do.  In the late winter I frost seeded dutch white clover as a ground cover.  By the time this photo was taken the clover was just starting to come up, and we had flagged where we want to plant trees.  It’s hard to see them in this picture, but it doesn’t really matter.

Flash ahead to mid august of this year taken from nearly the same spot.

august 2009

august 2009

those little blue tree guards look pretty silly, but have kept me from hacking off more than one tree while out mowing.  at this point we have nanking bush cherries planted all along the front of the garden, a grove of 7 hazel nut bushes, at least 6 red currants, a couple of josta berries, a couple of black currants, 3 types of june berries, 3 different types of pears planted, 4 american chestnuts, and some beach plums.  around the pear tree si plant comfrey, and the beginning of the perennial vegetable patch are started with the sunchokes planted and the ground nuts on the way any day now.  the clover stand is looking very good in most spots, better than I had expected.

each week or so i’m out mowing, a task that i’ve come to take great joy in.  soon i’ll mulch all the bushes and trees to protect their roots for winter, in the late winter i’ll frost seed dutch white clover into the bear spots.  next year i plant the nitrogen fixers, the goumi and pea shrubs, as well as continuing with the perennial vegetable patch, adding good king henry, and asparagus to the mix.  i have some native plums, persimmons and paw paws that are still too small to put out, as they size up i’ll be planting them, and as other plants in the orchard get bigger, i’ll be digging them up and move them to new perennial orchards.


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