the scythe

so my latest obsession has been with the scythe.  not an all together unhealthy obsession, and i mainly because of lack of time has not become as strong as some past obsessions.  i have however spent much more money on large steel blades in the last few months than i ever thought i would.

i’ve managed to justify this in a number of ways, and while i rcognize i had been doing just fine with out the scythe for a long time, it makes me feel better.

with the orchard plot’s crop of dutch white clover i sowed back in february now going full steam i need something to keep everything in check.  the whole idea is that if i keep cutting week after week that the clover will be able to regenerate, but the annual weeds will eventually die out, especially if i catch them before they set seeds.  so far this seems to be working, in most parts of the orchard the clover looks pretty darn good.  i’m actually kind of amazed it has.  i kept explaining the idea to people with my normal sort of confidence where it sound like i completely know exactly what i’m talking about, but had my doubts.  i plan to frost seed more clover come this spring where it’s patchy.  research on pasture management has warned that overgrazing can cause clover to dominate.  in this case i’m simulating overgrazing by mowing every week, so clover will dominate.

so the choice really boiled down to should i buy a weedwhacker or should i buy a scythe, though a goat did cross my mind.  being the sort that i am, i had to weigh the two and make a good argument for myself in order to justify such expenses.  The scythe won by a landslide, in other elections it might not have done so so easily, but amoung this group of constituents the values were deeply in favor of the scythe.  light weight, quiet, a one time expense, no stinky fumes, no extra heat given off, long lasting with no moving parts to break, a great work out, totally brutal looking.  did i mention totally brutal looking?  what could be more badass than walking the streets of the motor city with a scythe slung over ones shoulder.

i’m pretty much in love.  i was a little frustated at first with the blade, but have since upgraded to one of these.  i got the #2 luxor.  it’s wicked sharp already having given me a pretty solid reminder to be repectful of it’s power.  as a note, remay makes a pretty good stand in for gauze when out in the field.

each sunday morning i sling my scythe over my shoulder and walk the two blocks over my shoulder to spend about an hour and a half mowing the orchard.  i find it extemely relaxing and mediative, one of the highlights of my week.  i can’t imagine ever saying that about a weedwhacker.


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