market day

it’s not as though i disliked starting each day up with turning on the grow lights, or the limited space in our house as a result of the numerous flats of tomatoes, the discarded lights on the floor, or the piles of dirty clothes that found there way onto the floor since the hooks we usually hang them on where blocked by tomatoes, but i’ll not say i’m disappointed with the tomatoes being out of the house.  next year we may have to discuss over all set up.  not that we can’t do it again even in the same manner, but i think a little planning ahead might help to make everything a little more user friendly.

this saturday, and the last ma and our fiend the dogsnatcher sold at market.  this last week the dogsnatcher had little to sell at market, but came anyway to help out.  ma has very little to sell next week, but i think will be returning the favor.  

i ended up helping out late on saturday morning, so the dogsnatcher could go home.  i found being on the other end of the tables pretty fun.  it’s been a couple of years since the last time i sold at market, and while it took me a few minutes to feel up to the task, it all came back to me pretty fast.  all told ma ended up selling over a dozen flats of tomatoes, and I think something like 3 flats of basil.  she ended up coming home with over a grand, and a great deal of pride.  she needs to feel good about herself, the poor thing seems to think to little of her self.  doesn’t ask me why, if i liked sliced bread i’d claim she were the next best thing.  

with the money she made she’s suggesting we get each of us presents,  that orchard ladder i’ve been eyeing for a couple of years one idea.  presents sound pretty good especially something that help me pick more fruit.  i recommended ma get her self something pretty and frivolous nothing like an orchard ladder.


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