running yr mouth

for whatever reason the press seems to enjoy listening to me talk.  which works out well because sharing my opinions is one of my preferred things, if only because my opinions are so good.  occasionally i end up slapping myself in the head when i see what the press has quoted me as saying.  after the initial shock of what a jackass i sound like wears off and i develop a sense of satisfaction for being the jackass that will say what no one else will say i feel much better.  see the most recent example. specifiably the quote at the bottom.


also make sure to check out the comments in response to the article which seem to all be from folks that are bigger jackasses than i 



4 responses to “running yr mouth

  1. have Jrae tell you about one of the commenters ,”paulhue”, sometime.

    • i think if i recall he was one of the biggest defenders of a certain coffee bar? i suppose i should be annoyed that he called me a liberal, but i do think he acknowledged that i have a good idea. or maybe i just miss understood the post. shouldn’t he be reading dwell and not the free press

  2. i bet he just has his panties in a bunch because his coffee is too fast and no one will over charge him for a really small pretentious sandwich

  3. i’m just wondering what sort of comments i would have gotten if folks knew that i was interviewed by al jazeera (really) the same day that this article came out. those would have been even better.

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