i was walking along with the naive one at work, walking along my new favorite obsessions, a large vacant lot along a railroad cut near work when i spotted them.  They were right by the side walk, i couldn’t believe they were there.  i couldn’t believe that they were what i thought they were, but they sure looked like morels.

 you don’t see morels where i grew up and the fact that you could harvest them in michigan has captivated my mind since i moved here.  so i quickly snatched them up, and ran back to my desk to look up morels and see if there were any look alikes that could kill me.  turns out morels are pretty easy to id, and while the websites told me i should get someone that knows mushrooms to id them, i ignored it and decided they were morels.  i don’t tend to gloat, but this was a rare ocassion, i don’t know anyone else who has found morels in the city limits, and i was really excited to find my morels, so i showed anyone that would give me a chance to show them, and even a few who wouldn’t.

i had just harvested asparagus that day as well, and is there much else that could go well with morels?  well since i’d never had morels i had no idea, but i figured there was a pretty good chance they would work.  i washed my morels really well, chopped them up, did the same to my asparagus and some garlic.  then put way too much butter in a saute pan, cooked up the garlic, then added the asparagus, and finally the morels. 

since it’s been a couple days since i at the meal, and no sickness or death, i can only assume that my morel id skills are up to par.  my eyes are peeled for more, they were delicious and extremely satisfying.


4 responses to “morels

  1. i think you should find more morels! and asparagus for that matter, and maybe some butter. . . . . and then you should cook it for me again!!

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  3. Just reading this post for the first time. Definitely morels- yellow morels to be specific.
    A little morel picking etiquette, fyi- you should cut these (and most other mushrooms) at the base of the stem. It not only keeps them cleaner, but it is less disturbing to their mycorrhizae (root system) and will help with future fruitings. Its sorta like just picking the apple and not cutting the branch its attached to.

  4. yes, i figured that out after i picked them. i wasn’t really thinking, i just grabbed them.
    but no longer will i do that.

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