awash in milk


apple and the kids

for about a year now we’ve only had one goat to milk, tabitha, who rarely delivered more than a quart of milk.  apple has had her kids, and now is being milked. apple was the first one we milked, and after some serious confusion over the location of the milking stand (for whatever reason it had been taken apart so we had to find the parts and put it together) we set about the task of milking her.  i met ma up at the school as i had a meeting i had to go to, and she had brought all the equipment we need for milking.  she brought two 2 quart jars, which i as well as her would be enough to milk tabitha, not really planning on apple being ready.  apple was about to burst though, and i managed to get just shy of 2 quarts of of one teat!  ma was forced to go looking for some containers to put milk in, raiding the schools recycling bin and washing out bottles to use for milk.

next up was tabitha, who seemed to notice how much milk was being produced by apple decided to turn it on to and gave close to 2 quarts her self.  

finally we had some quality time with precious gem, which i think is a stupid name for a goat, so i’ve just been think that it’s precious jim.  i can’t decide if the name was given to this goat by some pretentious goat breeders, or by the girls at the school, who do seem to have a desire to name things so they sound like porn stars.  this goat really wanted out of the pen, she almost ripped my arm off in the process of getting her out, and risked causing a total goat escape.  i’m thinking maybe since she is new that the other goats were pressuring her to help them escape, and in an attempt to make friends, that just what she was doing.  she seemed to calm down when i got her away from the other goats.  getting her into the milking stand was another matter.

i’m a bit particular about my goat teats.  i prefer something long enough for me to get my whole hand around, as well as ones that are large enough that you can get a good amount of milk from them on each squeeze, but not so large you can’t get you hand wrapped around them.  precious jim, your teats just don’t cut it with me.  to long and pointy, i really struggled to get much milk from her.  once i got a feel for the method i would need to employee with her i managed to get a bout a quart from her.  

all told we managed to get over 2 gallons of goat milk.  i was wholly unprepared, we had to make space in the fridge, we need to get cheese culture.  for the last year it’s been enough for me to use in coffee maybe add to some cooking.  now it’s yogurt, and cheese!


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