planting trees and tilling new beds

this past weekend was super busy with tree planting and tilling up new beds.  all of our trees for our new orchards at work came in early, and so i ended up, with a lot of volunteer help, planting 22 fruit trees on saturday.  it was pretty amazing, i just spent about 10 minutes showing folks how to plant trees, and an hour later all of them were in the ground, watered, and mulched.  

after the morning of tree planting soilseed and ma both had some tilling they wanted done.  soilseed and i loaded up the tillers and away we went.  the spot she had picked left something to be desired, for one it had been in sod for a very long time, and also in need of a mowing.  we walked and picked up as many stones as we could, but i was sure no matter how many stones we got out the tiller would find plenty.  

upon tilling, it was obvious that this wasn’t going to happen in only one try.  the sod was super thick, and there were tons of rocks.  after awhile i looked down and realized that one of the tines wasn’t even spinning.  upon closer inspection i realized that the problem was that the pin had never gone though the hole that attaches it.  so with the pin in place i started up the tiller, and away she went turning much better than she had before.  it wasn’t long before the pin dropped out all together and the desperate search for the pin began.  i think on account of how much soilseed wanted this area tilled she gave up hope of finding it long after i did, but since in the process of digging around she was loosening the soil and digging out rocks i didn’t really both to stop her.  i did have a back up tiller, but it was not doing well, it barely had any power.  i fiddled with it for a bit and was able to get it to at least work somewhat.  i managed to get two more beds finished off before mr. jackson came out with soy cappuccinos.  after that i lost interest.  drinking cappuccino in the warm sun, and watching the folks coming into saturday afternoon mass seemed like a lot more fun than tilling, so i was in no hurry to get back.  

i managed to convince soilseed that the best course of action was to get tillers repaired and finish another day.  which was a good idea then, but now i’m having regrets since now all week she’s been asking when can we get back to tilling.  the tillers were loaded, soilseed got dropped off at work, and i went on my way to my next tilling task.  ma had laid out just where she wanted me to till, all i had to do was follow the strings she had set up.  the soil was in good condition and the grass cut short.  it was a huge difference from the conditions at soilseeds plot.  i managed to get over the whole thing in one pass and then most of a second before the dieing tiller final took it’s last breath.  

the next day ma, and anna-louise, and parents dog maggie went to plant trees at the community garden around the corner from us.  not all of the trees have come in yet to be planted.  the rest should be in very soon, but we were able to get the bush cherries and the pears in.  i’ve dug up plenty of red currants at work to plant this weekend.  it should start looking like something pretty soon.


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