snow again and out of room

snow is on the ground yet again.  it’s a good thing everything that’s been planted is under row cover. i’d rather have snow than extreme cold, though the walk to the bus stop will be a little less pleasent.  

last night ma and i pricked out more tomatoes, bring the total to somewhere around 480 plants.  we are out of room under lights, the first room to convert it another grow room is the bathroom.  i borrowed a couple of lights from work, that were in my way anyway, i should be able to get one more, and that will put 15 flats in the bathroom and then another 12 in the stuff room.  that will give us just enough room for tomatoes asuming you can fit 18 three inch pots in a flat.  of course there is the basil too, and the other stuff ma is growing, might have to get more lights and take over another room.  at least i’m living the dream.


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