i’ve working for the last 6 years in the city to try to get small scale appropriate sized urban ag legal so community residents can develop there own business to support themselves and the community.  the vision that i’ve been working from is of small plots half acre, maybe up to 2 acres, tucked into neighborhoods, farmed by folks in that neighborhood.  and then this bullshit  comes along and ruins it for me.  what could make folks more opposed to farming in the city than a giant 70 acre farm that takes over a neighborhood the same way a giant car factory does.  

i just don’t understand the mentality that supports this sort of thing, what happened to small is beautiful, what happened to scale appropriate.


One response to “bullshit

  1. I couldn’t agree more thanks for posting this. half to two acre enterprises are the way to go. send me an email and say hello. i was thinking of heading to detroit this summer.

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