snow again

sunday we had snow again.  while outside putting soil into pots for transplants, i noticed that i was getting pelted by white flakes.  it certainly didn’t feel like the end of march, but this is michigan, and these sorts of things are common, but uncalled for.  monday morning tromp though the snow was almost a delight, if I wasn’t so worried about my peas and radishes.  the peas are now safely under row cover, so now when they rot out from cold, wet weather they will be protected.  

ma’s got this scheme to grow heirloom tomatoes to sell at the market to make a little extra cash, and she’s been asking me to help.  i’ve spent the last eight springs growing transplants in the greenhouse with literally millions of transplants grown under my belt, so this little task seemed within my grasp.  i think her asking me for help has more to do with her knowledge that unstructured free time has a tendency to make me crazy, than a sincere need for help. at this point ma has about as much knowledge as i do about transplant production, and i certainly had a lot less when i started my own operation.  

after being pelted with snow, the pots were all filled up and we commenced to prick out the transplants.  after we finished, i counted them out, over 300 plants, and only about halfway done.  she’s planning on selling them for 3 dollars a pop once they get much bigger.  quick run of the numbers, and this plan is starting to sound pretty good.  how big could we expand this market?  of course the next thought on my mind was where are we going to fit all these.  we only have three shop lights, we can only fit about 12 flats under them.  everything is just fine while they are in four packs, but as soon as they get potted up into 3 inch pots, watch out.


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