the high tunnel is full of sprouts all looking ready to be thinned, everything has germinated sans the carrots, though that’s really pretty normal.  carrots can take as long as 3 wks to germinate, and it will just be three weeks on wednesday.  ma has been busy checking bees and feeding those that need it, we lost a few hives at work, and so cleaning and oiling old hive bodies has been a chore over the last 2 wks.  the greenhouse is springing to life, last week we seeded the equivalent of almost 800 flats of vegetables, including hot peppers, kale, collards, cabbage, broccoli, and lettuce.  most all of that is up except the hot peppers, but they usually take a little longer.  this week it’s going to be pricking out like there is no tomorrow.  pricking out ranks as one of my most favorite of all activities to do of the year, it’s thoughtful, quiet and meditative i can happily do 12 hour days of it.  i had plenty of paperwork to do yesterday, but i got my organic certification paperwork in the mail, which felt like enough of a victory that i could work on outdoor tasks, plus i knew that after tuesday it was going to be overcast, cold and wet.  ma and i moved the tomatoes, basil, parsley, and scallions that were under lights at home into the greenhouse at work to make enough room for the tomatoes we started last night.  she and a friend are going to be selling various heirloom tomato plants at the eastern market this  spring, so the first thing we needed to do was start them, 8 different varieties this week 6 more next week.  i’m really excited that she is making a small venture to help support us via farming, the first for profit one we have tried.  it’s kind of funny to, there are lots of non-profits that want to see folks develop farming based buisness in the city, and yet most of the folks making a go at for profit projects, don’t really want any of those non-profits help.  i guess it just goes to show that farmers are farmers no matter where they farm.


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