now the english are bashing us too

I talked with this guy about a month ago, and just was made aware of this article coming out.  while i don’t much appreciate him pointing out about the sales of scrap metal, though it is true, just the day before i had a long conversation with a gentleman at the soup kitchen about the different grades of copper and what makes the most money.  seems that you can target particular old businesses based on what sort of copper they likely used in their business.  most of these have already been picked over, plus the price of copper is way down, and in an attempt to reduce problems of scrapping whenever you sell the metals you have to give them a photocopy of a state issued photo id.  all this leads to reduced scrapping.  anyway read the story here if you like, be aware you have to scroll down pretty far to get to the any of the quotes from me.  at least he portrays me as the curmudgeon that i am, and even points out that my crackpot ideas aren’t sounding too far fetched these days.  this guy was a great interviewer, my usually sign that they are is that i find myself wincing after the interview thinking to myself how i said too much and hoping that they didn’t publish anything that’s going to come back and bite me in the ass.  so i’d sort of been watching for this article in anticipation that it might contain items that could potentially make me look like a jackass.  i think it’s ok though, i don’t look anymore of a jackass than i am.


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