changes ahead

ma and i had brunch with the neighbors this morning.  they supplied french toast, potatoes and bacon, we brought some apples i had cooked this morning as well as some pear butter ma had put up this fall.  it was an all together enjoyable affair, these particular neighbors have a love of similar things to ourselves, so the conversation centered on farming, and farmers markets, food and chickens.  Especially chickens as these folks are obsessed with their flock, in the best possible way.  discussions are underway to triple the size of the flock and share the responsibility as well as the benefits of owning that flock.  a friend has some 2 year old hens that she is looking to get rid of, i figure we can get another year worth of eggs out of them before they start tapering off.  so we will get some chicks too so when those hens are spent we have some chicks ready to go.  it doesn’t hurt that chicks are really cute and make that delightful peeping noise.  the neighbors hens about 1 year old, so this would work out well that we end up taking 4 hens out of the rotation every year and add 4 hens.  this also means that we need to build them a bigger coup, which i think everyone is looking forward to designing and building.

on the way home we see brother nature out in the yard and figure we should give him a visit.  brother nature has created a complex of raised beds and greenhouse on land he is squatting behind his house.  as we approached i noticed that he had a dead dog in his wheelbarrow, rico to be exact.  rico is the local neighborhood dog that roams free, or at least he used to.  seems his free roaming ways have brought his life to an end, and his owners not being home, bother nature decides that chore is up to him.  quite a challenge in our still fully frozen soils, i notice he is prepare with a pickaxe.  brother nature takes us on a tour of his greenhouses, which have a healthy crop of salad greens going already, though they do seem to suffering from some serious moisture problems and fungus gnats.  we chow down on some greens and talk greenhouses.  seems he has some left over greenhouse piping that he wouldn’t mind parting with for free.  we had planned to buy some conduit and put up a small greenhouse, but this is a great opportunity.  now we just need to work it out with the landlord to get the ok to put it up, that is unless we decide to move, but that’s another topic all together.


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