planting day

first major day of planting on the farm.  in a blitz of work all the beds in the high tunnel were planted in less than 2 hours.  a huge variety of vegetables were seeded including  2 types of arugula, mizuna, red and yellow beets, purple carrots, 2 types of lettuce. one bed is dedicated to the odd ball greens that nobody know that well but i’m trying to introduce folks to including, orache, claytonia, mibuna, and minutina.  i’m especially excited about the minutina as i had it for the first time last year, and thought it amazing.  i got into farming because i love eating, and as i planted those rows of greens all i could think about was how much i was going to enjoy eating those salads.  there are a few beds of greens that made it over the winter just fine,  the mache,  always does well, in this case with very little protection other than one layer of plastic.  spinach also made it, but looks a bit beat up.  i’m thinking next week at volunteer day we can harvest some of the mache clean it up and serve it as a simple salad at lunch.  too bad we don’t have any super sweet winter carrots to add to the mix.  this year for certain, i’ll get those late carrots planted.    

in the afternoon we got a second layer of plastic cut and covered all the beds with a second layer of plastic to go inside.  it’s been warming up a good amount during the day, we even got up to 48 the other day, i didn’t bother wearing long johns which was a mistake, but at night we are still getting some pretty chilly temps.  so the extra layer of plastic helps to keep everything a little warmer at night, and helps to raise the temperature during the day under the second layer.  it also reduces light transmittance, but since right now we are just trying to get things to germinate, it’s more important to get the heat than the light.  is is possible to over heat things though, so i find myself watching the sun very closely to try to decide if i need to pull the plastic off.  

warm weather made all the snow melt off, but even this morning i was annoyed to wake up to more white stuff.  just a dusting, but still annoying.  it feels hard to get work done with the snow on the ground, i’m ready to do some pruning on currants and other perennials, but it’s hard to see what’s going on when you have all that snow.  i have another seed starting class today, and as part of it, i’ll let folks help prick out my tomatoes and parsley plants.  ideally i would have pricked them out about a week ago, but i found out about this class at the last minute, and so i figured i’d wait and do a demo with them.  the basil i pricked out the other week is looking really good, leaves are starting to get really big and lush.


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