fermentation check

i checked on my honey beer to see how it’s going.  it’s been a week since i made it, and it still seems to have a good amount of sweetness left.  i think i was expecting that it would ferment faster, on account of it’s low alcohol content, but honey does take a long time to ferment.  i’m also a little worried that it might be too bitter, it hard to tell at this point, but it seems a bit bitter.  i went and checked the progress of everything else in the fermentation closet, cyser that i made in october still seems to have some time to go, i need to check the gravity on it.  i made it very strong so it would it would still have some good balance of tart apple and sweet honey.  straight cider seems pretty funky, i just let it naturally ferment, in the past i’ve had good luck with this method, but i’m not sure about this time. i think this fall i may do more research on making hard cider and try to make a better batch.  mixed berry mead seems a little stange, but it’s pretty young, so it’s hard to tell.  elderberry is amazing, i think it might be among my favorite meads i’ve made yet, sweet and heavy and warming, like a port wine.  it would be great in small cups around the bonfire in the middle of winter.  pear/apple cyser flavored with ginger that ma made is pretty great too, it’s still very cloudy,  those pears take a long time to clear.


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