wind yesterday was crazy strong.  i’d been in meetings all morning and afternoon, and didn’t really think to check on the greenhouse, but when co-workers needed help unloading some plastic into the greenhouse, it quickly became apparent that i should have checked it long ago.  earlier in the year i along with plenty of help had replaced the greenhouse plastic, but there were some problems, and the i never finished the job.  this left a good amount of the wiggle wire, the stuff that holds the plastic in place, off.  i had plans to fix this, but up until yesterday we had so much snow that i couldn’t even get to the area where the wiggle wire gets attached and the snow’s weight was doing a great job of keeping the plastic down.  so with snow melt and windstorm both on the same day all of the sudden we have the perfect conditions for plastic to be blowing all over the place.  it was definitely one of those drop everything and take care of the task at hand.  so i gathered up the wiggle wire i had and tried to do the best i could to keep the plastic from blowing away or tearing in the process. part of this had me climbing up a rather ill balanced stack of soil bags that i myself had put in place just the day before.  i could watch it swaying back and forth as i stood on it, not a good feeling.  i called up a friend who had borrowed some wiggle wire and arranged for it to be dropped off so i could come closer to finishing the job.  next step was to go down the street and check how soilseed was doing in the high tunnel.  i’d gotten a text from her saying the door had been blown off by the wind.  this wasn’t really that surprising, the wood that the hinges are attached to is really pretty lousy, and the screws have pulled out of it before. at this point i think the screws are screwed into more wood filler than wood.  she had made some pretty serious progress on prepping beds in the high tunnel, but the roll up sides we had started replacing the previous day still had some work to do.  but in less than an hour we managed to have it all set up.  next week i hope to get the other side finished as well, and then the ropes that hold the roll up sides in place can go back on.  the biggest concern was that there were huge holes in the plastic of one side, and so there was really little reason to plant anything in the space until we had that fixed, but now we can, and it will be fun.  with that done, wiggle wire delivered it was back down the street to try to finish off the greenhouse.  which we did at least for this week, i’d still like to replace that plastic.


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