Start of the season

sunday marked the beginning of the garden season.  well maybe it was thursday when i mixed up the first batch of potting soil at work.  i’ve got a class coming up on seed starting to teach, so i need something started to show folks.  in the past i’ve sort of always gone the pro route and use honest to goodness pots, but this year i’m raiding the recycling bin for odds and ends to use as pots.  currently i have parsley, basil, lettuce, pac-choi, and collards sitting in a couple of old egg cartons, covered in plastic and on top of the fridge.  i’ve cut the tops off of several milk cartons, and poked holes in them to be used to pot up as the plants git bigger.  of course i’m kind of getting ahead of myself since none of them have even sprouted let alone be ready to be potted up to a 4 inch milk carton.  actually something has sprouted, but i’m pretty certain it’s just a weed from the compost i used in the potting mix.


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